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There's a thunderstorm outside.

I love it.

I feel kinda fat, but thats a vacation. eat like fuck.
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I need to get the hang of things for Livejournal again.
It is quite annoying how I can't figure it out.
Lindsay wilsford, help me please.
I will love you dearly.
Even though I already do :)

So I'm all up in Chicago right now. It is kinda cold right now.
But it's ok.
I guess.
Family is kinda gay.
Well. Ok, really gay. but what can you do? Every family has a few problems.
Some more than others. 

Alisha and Kasey made me this poster that said they will miss me. I laughed, but felt so special :0

There was this drunk ass driver we were behind tonight.
We almost got in a wreck.
I was so fucking freaked out.
Thats why i dont want to drive.
Cuz I can die.
stupid chelsea.

I'm kinda tired, so I'm gonna leave.
I think i'm gonna start to update this thing.
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Well, this entry is my first, but certainly not last.

My brother is gone. kicked out. Of the house.

hysterical is one way of putting it.



: (